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"I am ready for my close up today
Too long I’ve let my self-respect stand in my way
Well the prom queen's caught in the high beams
And the strings keen it’s a big scene

But when the house goes up in flames
No one emerges triumphantly from it
When the scum begins to circle the drain
Everybody loves a winner" -The Mountain Goats

In which Christian Bridges, in his madness and his grief, undergoes a most great and terrible deed, all the while illuminating bright, white shining things.

  On the foggy evening of May the 17th 2013, all the fair lords and ladies, beauty queens and bachelors, hipsters and renegades and even a vice principal, all arrived for the Hamiliton High Annual Prom. They came out of the mists, 


Jul. 14th, 2012 05:59 pm (UTC)
(Edit: I know, by the time I'm typing this you're probably already on your way to Nabolom.)

Ok! Black prism especially. And I forgot what you've told me about Way of Kings so I quickly google'd it and yep it sounds pretty cool. Though aaaah I have too many books of yours I still need to read. I feel kinda bad about borrowing even more. But I do want to read them all, somehow it just keeps taking longer, maybe since I keep getting the "oh I need to reread ___ book" urge and then end up rereading a book I already have instead of starting one of the many I still need to read from the ones you've lent me. But I am reading them.

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